Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meet our Mascot

This is Laggy, the official Snailware mascot.

Laggy moves at a blazing dialup speed of 33.6k. He doesn't talk, verbally. Every idea and feeling he wants to express, appears on his monitor. Read his screen and you basically read his mind.

What does Laggy like?

Laggy loves developers that put software users first. He has a great respect for those developers who understand that not everyone can afford the latest and greatest hardware or operating system.

He likes software that doesn't waste system resources with flashy eye candy. He thinks it is pretty silly to spend so much time creating an interface and not so much time on functionality. Who cares how good it looks if you can't run it or it doesn't do anything?

He likes small lightweight single purpose tools.

He loves freeware and donationware! He thinks it is great when developers offer software at a price that everyone can afford.

And he LOVES black licorice!

What does Laggy hate?

Laggy doesn't like developers with an arrogant attitude that define a person's worth by the operating system they run. Having an older operating system or hardware doesn't make one any less of a person than someone else, or any less deserving of quality software.

He doesn't like developers that do not listen to their users and do not consider the needs of their users.

He hates deceptive marketing practices and those that lie about their products or their affiliation with a product. He doesn't like people that get paid to write good reviews rather than telling the truth about a product or service. He also doesn't like people that write reviews about their own software while pretending to be a common user.

He hates spam and spammers. He doesn't like email spam, comment spam, or forum spam, or any other kind of spam, including the kind in a can. (he's a vegetarian)

Laggy hates malware of any kind, including viruses, trojans, and spyware.

What kind of monitor is that on his back?

That is a 17 inch Sun 447L, manufactured by Nokia. He picked it up used, for about $50, when he outgrew his original Packard Bell 15 inch monitor.

Does Laggy have any friends?

Laggy considers anybody with an old slow computer to be a friend of his. Birds of a feather flock together.

Speaking of birds, he also has a special friend named Cody, who is the official mascot of Cody is a crazy coin eating bird with a great sense of humor and a rather large family.

If you would like to know more about Laggy and how he came to be, you can read about it here.

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